C.G. Ryche Films

Reality / Game Show

Series Type: 
A Televised Music Competition Series

Short Pitch: 
An ”American Idol” for Original Bands

America’s First Televised Music Competition. No Lip-Syncing, No Bad Renditions of Great Tunes and No Compromising… Just Original Songs from the Artists that Write & Perform them.


“The Artist” will be a weekly television music competition similar to shows including: “American Idol”, “The Voice” & “America’s Got Talent”. The difference is that artists or bands will compete performing only original material that they’ve written in a pre-selected genre for that season. This is not a Battle of the Bands, it is the chance to for real artists to share their music with the world in hopes of finally getting the exposure they deserve to see if they have what it takes.

Bands and artists will be judged in a three part scoring system that better represents the music industry. “Artist Fan Base” America’s votes, “Industry Perspective”, there will be 4 expert judges from the music industry, and “Record Sales”, from the contestants’ performances from the show will go on iTunes the night of the competition and tallied up the following day. All three will be added together giving contestant their final score to compete with. The Bands or Artists with the lowest scores go home. The band or artist that wins the finale will receive a large career-based budget and/or record deal to launch their music careers and carry the title “The Artist”.

The show will also be layered with “B-rolls”, emotional testimonies from the bands and their struggles to make it, insights to the industry from our judges, workshops for the contestants on all the necessary tools needed to sustain a music career in today’s industry. The show will focus on great contestant stories, inspirational underdogs and great music.

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