C.G. Ryche Films



β€œThe Score is the Empathy of the scene and the Emotion behind the Eyes”
- C.G. Ryche


C.G. Ryche is an internationally recognized Recording-Artist and World-Class Percussionist that has toured the globe and can be seen on PBS. C.G. got his start in film from scoring music for short films and a hired-gun for video shoots. Having a Director/Writer that can compose gives an insight to the score that is rare, and a deeper understanding the big picture of what a film needs. C.G. has a visionary approach to music with his incorporating of World-Percussion, Gregorian Chants, Orchestra Arrangements and Etherial Sound Scapes that have made him famous as a recording artist. C.G. also has a deep pool of talented musicians to work with to create that emotional connection your movie needs.

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