C.G. Ryche Films

Original - Full Length Feature

Faith-Based Drama

Film Type: 
Inception, Sixth Sense, Arrival

A young boy with amnesia meets a guilt-ridden mother with a son on his deathbed. Together they try to find the answers through their tragedies with the help of a mysterious book that can transcend time and space.


Jayne Peterson, is a 39-year old woman caretaker who works at a children’s mental ward, who’s hit rock bottom after witnessing a car accident that kills her husband and leaves her 7-year old boy Neil  in critical condition in a coma and on life support. Jayne becomes guilt-ridden, blaming herself for not having better managed her time with her family and is spiraling into depression when she receives a call from work assigning her to a special patient that she alone is qualified for. The patient is a young boy named Tony suffering from amnesia, and in a wheelchair, who doesn’t speak. Through divine intervention, Jayne tries to help young Tony,  who fights her every step of the way,  before she finally slowly wins his trust and also learns about a Magic Journal Tony’s been hiding that can transcend time and space. Together they use the book to take mystical trips into Tony’s drawings to help him remember his past, while Jayne meets her sister’s pastor,  who through God’s Word,  helps her to learn about His forgiveness and provision, encouraging Jayne to let go of her guilt and blame. Jayne and Tony both help each other through this journey of difficult circumstances and loss, to find the answers that they both seek.  Things soon come to a head for the both of them when Tony gets severely injured when he falls head first on to a rock, and Jayne learns her son Neil has took a turn for the worse and only has a day or two to live. The same day, Jayne receives a foreclosure letter on her house, and looses all hope and attempts suicide when we see God intervene in both their lives and brings them both to a place of faith, forgiveness and remembrance that only He can provide.

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