C.G. Ryche Films

Dark Comedy

Series Type: 
Half-Hour Episodic Television Series

Short Pitch: 
”Sopranos” meets “Modern Family”
An Italian-American “Entourage”

On the streets of New York, the Fettiro crime family is known as the “Kings of Queens, but to each other, they were just five guys from the old neighborhood.


Queens, New York, is notorious for organized crime and corrupt politicians. From Writer / Director C.G. Ryche, comes a dark comedy about an Italian/American crime family reliving their past over a game of cards every Friday, "Friday night in Queens". The Fettiro Crime Family is known on the streets as "The Kings of Queens", but to each other, their just five guys from the old neighborhood. Every Friday night, they meet religiously at Sal's house for dinner, a game of cards and to talk smack about each other and life. The crime family is lead by Sal Fettiro, a real wise guy, who is considered 'a cheap bastard' by the fellas, Frank "The Muscle" Merillo, the hot headed short fuse guy, Vinnie Costanzo, the not to bright ladies man and the best driver the mob has ever seen, Paulie "P.J." Julio, who is always trying to philosophize life with quotes, that he never gets right and Tony Fettiro, Sal's dad who started it all back in the 60’s. Tony's a little older than the rest, not hip to pop-culture references and feels he's getting to old for the drama. Friday Night in Queens is shot in a "Mockumentary" style with interviews, and captures a very crazy different, but not so different examples of the dynamics & strengths of family, and it's importance in life.

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