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C.G. Ryche is an award winning American film director, writer, producer, and visionary composer. Known in the industry as a "Renaissance man" (for his wide range of skills), C.G. began in the music industry at a early age: touring with bands & producing records. He later began composing music for short films. His performances on film would begin to introduce him to many industry giants. Ryche became an under study of John H. Radulovic (Producer: Ray Donovan, Californiacation) and Bruce Markoe (Executive Post-Production Supervisor: Marvel Studios & IMAX) where he had on the job training as a director, editing, and conveying a story on film.

C.G. Ryche has helmed many projects from directing live multi-camera music performances with artists from Mana, Linkin Park, Tizer and his own PBS special "Echoes of Silence", to directing, writing, and producing for television with the reality show “Misty & Kristy.” C.G. has a couple of television shows in development and being pitched including the Character-Driven / Dark Comedy "Friday Night in Queens" and a televised music competition "The Artist". Ryche is currently pitching several full-length feature scripts he wrote including a Suspense / Thriller "Powned" and the Faith-Based Suspense / Drama “Lucidity”. C.G. is currently an executive for the zero-emission automaker RONN Motor Group, Inc. and is in control of all creative content: commercials, graphics, photography and branding. He is a sought out filmmaker, director, writer, acting coach, editor, photographer and composer, as well the creative mind behind the marketing & branding for established companies.

“My goal is to be a master storyteller like Eastwood, Nolan, TARANTINO, Spielberg and Cameron, to create a body of work that is lucrative for the studios, honored by my peers and takes audiences on a journey they'll never forget.” - C.G. Ryche

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