C.G. Ryche Films



“All stories are told three times, once in the Script, once on Set and once in the Editing Bay.”
- C.G. Ryche


Editing is so much more than cutting film together, it’s understanding how to arrange and convey a cohesive story that resonates with an audience. The Post-Production Process involves so many different technical mediums including, Editing, Color Grading & Correcting, Sound Design, Foley, ADR, Transitions and Movement, Mixing & Mastering Audio in Several Technical Requirements, Composing & Scoring, Music Supervision, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics & Text. These all need to flow seamlessly to have story take flight.

At C.G. Ryche Films we are Post-Production experts in bringing projects to life. From Television to Films we have the knowhow and experience in connecting the dots and putting the story first. We also are sought after to fix projects that for what ever reason took a wrong turn in the editing bay and need fixing. Bottom line, it’s not easy to make a film or show, Post-Production is one of the most important parts of any project, so let us help your project meet your vision.

Need Help With Your Editing?