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 “I don’t tell people how to act… I coach people to make others believe”
- C.G. Ryche

Some opportunities only come once in life… like that big audition that can change your life forever, or the role you landed that you want to take to the next level. It’s in these opportunities serious actors hire an acting coach, to give them an edge in the casting room or on set.

With many years behind the camera, working with actors on set, and teaching acting classes in Hollywood, Writer/Director C.G. Ryche is a sought after acting coach in Hollywood to give actors insights & guidance to help them nail that big role audition or take the your acting to the next level.

A 2-Hour Private Coaching: (with C.G. Ryche)

Perfect for booked roles or real scenario acting.Unlock your potential and build your confidence with insights, tips, blocking and character development with a working director.

In Person Coaching: Hollywood or Inland Empire Area Omly

On-line: Skype Video Session Only

A 2-Hour Audition Coaching: (with C.G. Ryche)

For actors who have a big audition and want to book the role or nail the callback, get a confident edge in preparing strong character choices and make great decisions with the sides by working with an award winning Film Director. C.G. will help you to make the strong, emotional, and impactful choices to go into the audition room and nail the role. 

In Person Coaching: Hollywood or Inland Empire Area Only

On-line: Skype Video Session Only

A 3-Hour Audition Coaching with Self Tape: (with C.G. Ryche)

When your self-tape audition is of the upmost importance or is going straight to producers, it’s important to send the strongest most powerful performance you can. C.G. Ryche will direct your performance to give you the best chance of landing that big role. This package includes the self taping.

This Package will be in person in the Hollywood area Only


Here are some testimonials from working Actors, Models and Musicians

“I am so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to be coached by C.G. because he is phenomenal to work with and truly a game-changer in getting a scene to where it can be. He has such an eye for how a scene should unwind, and is also very discerning in how to work with actors to get themselves there. I would highly recommend C.G.’s coaching to any actor who wants to take their acting to the next level!”

- Cat Elliot / Actress

“C.G. has been instrumental in coaching me in landing leading & re-curing roles for pilots, plays, and film/television. He is a pleasure to work with understanding the how too’s of breaking down a script and most importantly capturing the raw vulnerable emotions of a character.”.

- David Vij / Actor

“Working with C.G. Ryche as an acting coach is extremely rewarding as an actor. He trains you to reach deep, find truth, and make yourself 100% accessible for the role. I always feel growth after working with him, it’s Magical. C.G.Ryche is a true visionary of the arts!” 

- Rachael Santhon / Actress • Model

"C.G. Ryche knows what works in the real world. He sure knows his stuff and has helped me immensely. If you are looking to jump into the deep end of the pool, work with C.G.!"

- RIch Redmond / Actor • Drummer • Speaker • Producer • Author


“Learn to take constructive criticism and make it your best friend.. Work hard and believe in yourself. You can change the world for the better and live your dreams… Dare to Imagine.” - C.G. Ryche