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Thomson Twins, Rick Springfield, Talking Heads, Simple Minds are all a staple sound of the music landscape of the 80’s. As a composer, it was funny to create a simple soundtrack that captured that essence of coming of age in the 80’s. Below are Free Digital Downloads of the Becky Jane’s Big Day Soundtrack. I hope you enjoy!


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Becky Jane’s Big Day is a coming of age short film in the vein of the teenage comedies of the 80’s by the late, great John Hughes. Becky Jane, a fifteen year old self absorbed Drama Queen that wakes up on the greatest day of the year, her Birthday. When things don't go as planned, and her mother and brother forget about her special day, her whole world come crashing down . . . but unbeknown to her, things work out in the end. Featuring an original 80’s soundtrack by director / writer C.G. Ryche that takes us back to the glory years of John Hughes.



Becky Jane’s Big Day was a pleasure for me to write and direct. I miss the days were teen movies were fun, relatable and apart of our growing up. John Hughes films where a voice to a generation of teens and his movies still hold up today. Becky Jane's Big Day was a way for my to honor this great era in American filmmaking. I hope it takes you back to the 80’s, and the great memories you had growing up.

God Bless & thanx for tuning in.
C.G. Ryche